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Best guinness in dublin

Best Guinness In Dublin

best guinness in dublin

Dublin, the heart and soul of Ireland, is world-renowned for its vibrant pub culture and, most notably, as the birthplace of Guinness. This iconic stout, characterised by its rich flavour and creamy head, is a staple in Dublin’s pubs, with each claiming to pour the perfect pint. However, the quest for the best Guinness pint in Dublin is a subjective journey, influenced by atmosphere, pour quality, and the pub’s history. In this exploration, we delve into the establishments renowned not just for their Guinness, but for offering an experience that embodies the essence of Dublin’s pub scene.

The Art of Pouring the Perfect Guinness

Pouring Guinness is considered an art form, a ritual that takes 119.5 seconds to complete, adhering to a two-part pour that ensures the signature creamy head and rich taste. The best Guinness pints are often found in pubs where this tradition is respected and perfected.

The Stag’s Head

Nestled in the heart of Dublin, The Stag’s Head is a historic pub where time seems to stand still. With its Victorian architecture, polished mahogany bar, and stained glass embellishments, it offers an authentic Dublin pub experience. The Guinness here is poured with reverence, ensuring each pint is as perfect as the last. The Stag’s Head’s atmosphere, combined with its meticulous attention to the Guinness pour, makes it a top contender for the best Guinness in Dublin.


  • Authentic historic ambiance.
  • Consistent pour quality.
  • Central location in Dublin.


  • Can get crowded, especially on weekends.

The Long Hall

Another jewel in Dublin’s pub crown, The Long Hall is celebrated for its traditional charm and warm, welcoming atmosphere. This pub takes pride in every pint of Guinness served, with bartenders who understand the craft behind the pour. The vintage decor, complete with antique mirrors and wood panelling, provides the perfect backdrop for enjoying what many locals argue is one of the best pints in the city.


  • Rich historical setting.
  • Expertly poured Guinness.
  • Friendly, engaging staff.


  • Popularity means it’s often busy.


Mulligan’s, on Poolbeg Street, has a storied history with Guinness. Known for its straightforward, no-frills approach, this pub focuses on what matters most—the quality of its drink. Patrons of Mulligan’s often remark on the distinct taste of its Guinness, attributing it to the pub’s age-old pipes which, they claim, add to the flavour. Whether myth or fact, the experience of enjoying a pint in Mulligan’s is unmatched.


  • Renowned for its Guinness quality.
  • Rich in history and character.
  • Frequented by a mix of locals and tourists.


  • Limited seating can mean standing during peak times.

The Gravediggers (John Kavanagh’s)

Tucked away beside Glasnevin Cemetery, The Gravediggers (John Kavanagh’s) offers a Guinness experience steeped in history. With no music or television to distract, the focus here is on conversation, ambiance, and, of course, the quality of the stout. It’s said that the secluded location contributes to a more relaxed pour, resulting in one of the best Guinness pints in Dublin.


  • Unique, historical location.
  • Emphasis on traditional pub values.
  • Exceptional Guinness quality.


  • Slightly off the beaten path for some visitors.

Grogan’s Castle Lounge

Grogan’s is synonymous with Dublin’s artistic and literary scene, offering a cultural backdrop to its perfect pints of Guinness. Known for its welcoming atmosphere and walls adorned with local art, Grogan’s takes pride in its stout, served by knowledgeable staff who ensure each pint is a testament to the pub’s reputation.


  • Central location in the cultural heart of Dublin.
  • Inviting atmosphere with a focus on local art.
  • Guinness is poured with care and expertise.


  • Can be difficult to find seating due to its popularity.


Finding the best Guinness pint in Dublin is a personal adventure, with each pub offering its unique interpretation of this beloved stout. From the historic walls of The Stag’s Head to the literary haven of Grogan’s, the essence of a great Guinness lies not just in the pour but in the experience that accompanies it. These establishments, revered for their dedication to quality and tradition, provide not just a pint, but a taste of Dublin’s soul. As you explore these iconic pubs, you’re not just searching for the best Guinness; you’re immersing yourself in the rich tapestry of Dublin’s pub culture.

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