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Our Review Methodology

Every product or service is developed with the aim to solve a specific consumer issue or to offer convenience. However, it’s clear that not every offering achieves this goal to the same degree.

To assist in your purchasing decisions, we have dedicated ourselves to reviewing and recommending only the finest products and services available in Ireland.

To ensure a fair and comprehensive evaluation, we follow a systematic approach by asking a series of questions. These questions help us understand whether a product or service deserves to be ranked among the best.

Firstly, we consider the advertised purpose of the product or service. Whether it claims to be the ideal home cleaning tool or the top home insurance provider, we take note of the manufacturer’s or provider’s assertions. This is similarly applied to services, noting claims of being the best in their category, such as offering the tastiest hotdogs or the fastest plumbing services.

We then examine the features or services provided to support these claims. We evaluate the product’s unique features and how they compare to competitors, as well as the range and quality of services offered by businesses.

The next step involves assessing how well these features or services perform. We look at various factors such as appearance, size, weight, and functionality to determine if they meet the expected standards and offer good value for their price.

We also consider the quality and efficiency of services, especially in cases where they are priced higher than similar offerings. This includes evaluating the ease of the entire customer experience, from initial inquiry to after-sales support.

Additionally, we seek feedback from consumers who have used the product or service to gauge if their experiences align with our findings. Recurring feedback, both positive and negative, is factored into our decision-making process.

Finally, we only recommend products or services that we would use ourselves. After thoroughly evaluating each aspect, we decide on its merit. If we find it to be exceptional, we believe it will also meet your expectations.